Nafil Salats

Salatul Khair

This salat is prescribed by Aslaaf Ikraam. Hadrat Hasan Basri Radiallah A'nhu said that it was quoted to him by 30 Sahaba ikraams of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) that on the night of 15th Sha'baan whoever performs this Salat ALLAH Ta'ala looks apon them 70 times with Rehmat, and on each sight 70 desires are granted. The least amongst those desires is the forgiveness from sins.

(Kitabul Modoo'at, Part 2 ,PP 127 - Assalatu Lailatun Nisfe Sha'ban) and (Ahayae Uloomuddeen, Imam Ghazali) and (Ghunniyatut Talibeen)


Salatul Khair has 100 Raka'ats. Pray 100 Raka'at of Nawafil, two at a time. In each Raka'at recite Surah Ikhlaas 10 times after Surah Fatihah.