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Educational and informational issues
Ruling on Raful Yadain Updated on May 21th 2010
Prayers for Night of Power (Laila-Tul-Qadr)
When Should Eid Al-Adha Be Celebrated?
What is Islam
Fourty Ahadith
Tauheed or Shirk?
Jewels of Quran
12 Wonders of Jama'at
Raising your Child to be a Muslim
Masturbation is prohibited in Islam
Prohibiton of making pictures in Islam
Learn how to perform Salah with audio and english text
How to perform Qaza Namaz of life time easily
Criticism on Islam by Moadoodi
Quran Khuwani
Conveying Rewards to the Deceased (Isaale Sawaab)
I'lm-e-Ghaib - Knowledge of Unseen
A Call for Justice
BID'AH - Innovation in Islam
To read Durood before and after Azan
Fateha and Esaale Sawaab is permissible in Islam
The Excellence of Reciting the Durood Sharif
The PROPHET (PEACE BE UPON HIM) is Haazir o Naazir - Present and Witnessing
Hadhir & Nadhir

The Golden Sayings of Huzoor Hafiz-e Millat

Can we eat Zebra, Rabbit, Shark, Chicken, Spleen, Liver, Lucust?
Can we eat Shrimps?
Why eat vegetables?
The permissibility of proclaiming YA RASOOLULLAH peace be upon him
Proclaiming the words 'YaRASOOLALLAH' peace be upon him
Milad (Mawlid) by Imam Jalaluddin al–Suyuti (radi Allahu anhu)
Milad (Mawlid) by Allama Kaukab Okarvi
Permissibility of Mawlid Celebration with proofs
Auliya Allah - Friends of ALLAH (Azzo Jal)
The Lawful Conditions of Islamic Relics
Black and white (Facts of Deobandism) by Allama Kaukab Okarvi
Forty Hadiths on the Merit of Saying LA ILAHA ILLALLAH
Tablighi Jamaat and Wahabis in light of Ahadees
Tablighi Jma'at Exposed
Prayers for the night of 15th of Sha'ban
Prayers for the night of 27th Rajab - Shabbe Me'raaj