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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - V / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 6 / PAGE 1 OF 2


Q 1: What is "A'maal Naamah"?
A. Allah Almighty has detailed some Angels to record deeds of humanbeings who record their good and bad actions. These Angels are called "Kiraaman Khaatebeen". Two angels accompany every man. One on his right side and the other on his left side. The right side angel records virtues and the left side angel writes down evils. This record of virtues and evils is called "A'maal Namah" (record of doings). In short, a complete record of our good deeds and misdeeds being maintained by the angels is "A'maal Naamah". On the Doomsday, everybody will be handed his "record of deeds". Pious will receive it with the right hand and sinners with the left hand. Infidels and disbelievers will be given from their behind after tearing their chest to pass their hands through their backs to hold their record of deeds to see for themselves that it is neither under-recorded nor over-recorded. Everyone will then realise that even the tiniest virtue and tiniest evil is recorded therein. Sinners will get frightened to see the record of their sins and infidels and disbelievers will be in extreme fear and trembling. Then good deeds and bad deeds of all will be weighed on "Meezaan" (balance).

Q 2: What is "Meezaan" and how will deeds be weighed on it?
A. Balance, pair of scales is called "Meezaan". The gist about "Meezaan" which will be installed on the Doomsday, explained by the Shari'ah is that it will have (two) scales and a pivot. Its each scale will be as much vast as is the space between the east and west. To inquire about more details as to what kind of Balance it will be or how will deeds be weighed thereon is not necessary, for, all such things are beyond our comprehension. The belief we have been taught to this effect is that "Meezaan" is the truth and that deeds of all mankind will be weighed on the Doomsday. Successful will be those whose deeds (done by the heart and body) will be heavy and losers will be those whose deeds' weight will be light. Some Muslim scholars maintain that deeds of every man are written according to their weight. (For example), the work which is done with sincerity, devotion as per the command of Shari'ah and on time carries more weight than the same work done for pomp and show not in harmony with Shari'ah and untimely. How big a deed may be but it is nothing in the sight of Allah unless it is done with the spirit of Islamic faith and sincerity. The record of deeds or sheets of actions in which good and bad words and deeds of mankind are entered will be weighed in the next world. It is also possible that the virtues may be turned into some beautiful shape or body and evils changed into any disgusting shape or body and then these bodies may be weighed.

Q 3: What type of reckoning will be there?
A. There will be different kinds of reckoning, (For instance), some body will be called to account for his doings secretly who will admit all his sins and expect chastisement. But Allah, the Most Beneficent, will absolve him saying: "I hid your failings in the world and now I forgive you". Someone will be brought to book strictly and thus he will ruin. Somebody will be questioned reminding of Divine favours to him. Allah will ask him "Did you ever think of meeting Me? He will reply in the negative. Allah Almighty will say: "you did not remember Me in the world so We leave you in torment here". There will be some infidels and disbelievers who will, on being reminded of Allah's favours, claim that they were believers in the world and used to observe prayer, fast, propitiatory offerings, charity and other good deeds. On this, Allah Almighty will command "let the witnesses be produced". Then their tongues will be sealed and their limbs will be ordered to speak. Their parts of the bodies i.e. hands, feet, thighs, flesh, bones etc. all will testify that they committed such and such sins. They will be consigned to hell.

Some believers will be provided with their sheets of actions to see their obedience and disobedience for themselves. They will be rewarded on obedience and virtues and their disobedience and sins will be over-looked i.e. will not be called to account for each and every sin and failing. An Ummati (bond slave) of the Holy Prophet will be brought whose record will be full of sins except for a single good. He will be asked: "do you have any excuse for the bad record"? He will reply in the negative. Then a piece of paper containing "Kalimah Shahaadat" (the code of Evidence) will be taken out from his record of deeds and put in one scale of the balance and all his sins in the other which will outweigh his bad record. The Holy Prophet will get innumerable believers admitted into heavens without any reckoning. The believers who are punctual in offering "Tahajjud" (late mid-night supererogatory prayer) will also be admitted into paradise without any reckoning. In brief, the mercy of Allah Almighty is infinite which seeks excuse to pardon His servants. So a little goodness may become the cause of absolution.

Q 4: How many kinds of people will be there on the Doomsday?
A. Mankind will be divided into three groups i.e. there will be three kinds of people on the Doomsday: (1). Inmates of hell,(2). Common paradise-dwellers and (3). Chosen and prominent paradise-dwellers who will abide in the highest compartments of paradise. The inmates of hell, whom the Holy Quran terms as "As-haabush Shimaal" and who were brought forth from the left ribs of Prophet Adam at the time of "Meesaaq" (covenant), will be made to stand on the left side of the empyrean. Their sheets of actions will be given to them in their left hands and angels will catch hold of them from the left side. They will be cursed and damned beyond limit. The common paradise-dwellers whom the Holy Quran describes as "As-haabul Yameen" and who were brought forth from the right ribs of Prophet Adam at the time of covenant, will be made to stand on the right side of the throne. Their sheets of actions will be given to them in their right hands and angels will take and lead them from the right side. They will be the blessed and fortunate ones on that day and their joy will know no bounds. The Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) had observed the same two groups on the Night of Ascension (Me'raaj) that Prophet Adam expressed his delight when looked towards his right side and became dismal when looked towards his left side.

The chosen and prominent servants of Allah, whom the Holy Quran regards as "Saabayqoon" will transcend all in gaining blessings, favours, grades and proximity to Allah. It is reported in an Hadees that there will be 120 rows of mankind on the Day of Resurrection. Of which eighty will be of this blessed Ummah (Holy Prophet's community) and the remaining forty will be of people of the past Prophets. After completion of the process of reckoning all will be ordered to cross over "Siraat"

Q 5: What is "Siraat"?
A. "Siraat" is a bridge which will be placed over the back of hell. It will be more subtle than a hair and sharper than sword. Every pious and sinner, condemned and absolved and believer and infidel will cross it because it is the only pathway to paradise. Believers will cross over this bridge safely and soundly in accord with their ranks. The hell will call "O' believer cross over me, for, your "Noor" (light) has cooled down my flames". There will be big iron hooks,pegs (how big will those be? Allah knows better) thereon which will catch those about whom there will be divine order. Some will be hurt only by these pegs and some thrown in hell.

First of all, the Holy Prophet will cross over "Siraat" then other Apostles, Messengers and Prophets followed by Muslim Ummah and then the people of the past Prophets.

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