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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 4


Q 1: Which things are not found in Prophets?
A. Six things are not found in Prophets i.e. 1. "Walad-uz-zina"(bastard). 2. Ugly countenance. 3. Foolishness. 4. Cowardice. 5. Despondency, and 6. Impotency.

Q 2: Can a Prophet commit major sin or not?
A. Prophet is endowed with innocence and impeccable nature. He can not commit such things which Allah Almighty dislikes. He is divinely protected even at such a critical juncture where a man can not help erring. He does not do even a thing which is against decency what to talk of committing a major sin.

Q 3: Can he (Prophet) commit minor sins?
A. Prophet can not commit even a minor sin intentionally irrespective of pre or post-prophethood period. Any sort of mistake even a lapse in the communication of his mission is absolutely impossible. However, being (apparently) a humanbeing the slightest error at his part that too under divine wisdom is not impossible.

Q 4: Can we talk about the lapses of the Prophets?
A. Talking about the lapses of the Prophets, excluding the recitation of Qur-aanic verses or Holy Prophet's sayings to this effect, is "Haraam" (strictly forbidden). All Apostles, Messengers and Prophets are "chosen servants" of Allah and He is their Lord and Master. Nobody has got right to speak of their lapses on the excuse of Allah's words in the Holy Qur-aan. Such person will render himself "accursed" before Allah. Let us take an example of a father who admonishes his son and calls him "disrespectful" on any mistake. Can any younger use such words for him which his father did? No one can indeed. If does so, he will be considered insolent.
In view of the given instance, it is easy to understand that those who willingly talk about the lapses of the Prophets are "accursed" and will be consigned to the worst kind of torment in hell. The believers must exercise great care and circumspection in such matters to save their "Eimaan" (Islamic faith).

Q 5: Has any Prophet been deposed by Allah Almighty?
A. No, absolutely not. Prophethood is the highest rank which Allah Almighty conferred upon His chosen servants who are made capable of acquitting well with the heaviest responsibility. He who believes that any Prophet was deposed, is an infidel because he indirectly denigrates the Omniscience and Omnipotence of Allah Almighty.

Q 6: Which Prophets are living?
A. All Prophets are living. A tradition in this context says: "Allah Almighty has made it "Haraam" (strictly forbidden) for the earth to harm or spoil the bodies of the Prophets". So they are alive with their Sovereign Lord (Allah) and divinely fed. The death had touched them for a moment just to prove the Qur-aanic promise of death and thereafter they were endowed with the real temporal life, which we can not conceive. However, four Prophets have not yet received the taste of death i.e. Prophet Khider (Khizr) and Prophet Ilyas who are on the earth and Prophet Idrees and Prophet Jesus who are in the skies/heavens. They will also meet the death.

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