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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - I / LESSON NO: 9

Q 1: How many prayers are offered in a day (during 24 hours)?
A. Prayer is obligatory five times a day (day night:24 hours).

Q 2: What are the names of prayers?
A. 1. Salaat-ul-Fajr (early morning prayer) 2.Salaat-ul-Zuhr (afternoon prayer) 3.Salaat-ul-Asr (late afternoon prayer) 4.Salaat-ul-Maghrib (evening prayer) 5.Salaat-ul-'Ishaa (night prayer).

Q 3: What is the appointed time of each prayer?
A. The appointed time of Fajr begins at dawn and ends at the sun-rise, Zuhr time begins when the sun has passed meridian and lasts till the shadow of everything doubles excepting the real shadow, Asr time begins at where the Zuhr time ends and lasts till (before) sun-set, Maghrib time begins after the sun has set and lasts till the disappearance of evening twilight (Maghrib time lasts for at most 11/2 hours after Maghrib's Azaan) and 'Ishaa time begins after the evening twilight has vanished and lasts till (before) the dawn of Fajr.

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