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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - V / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 17


The Messenger of Allah, Saieyyidinaa Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) said:
1. If one loses his senses(memory) for sleeping after Asr prayer then he should condemn himself.
2. A Muslim has six rights over other Muslim: (a). Enquire after him when he falls sick, (b). participate in his funeral prayer when he passes away, (c). meet him when he calls,sends for you,(d) say "Salaam" on meeting him,(e) respond to his sneeze and (f). be his well-wisher in his presence and absence as well.
3. Parents of the believer who learnt the Holy Quran and acted upon that will be graced with a crown on the Doomsday which is brighter than the sun. What would you think of him (who follows the Quran) if that (crown) were in your houses.
4. Ominousness is nothing and "Faal"(omen) is a good thing. What is "Faal"? People asked. The Holy Prophet said: A good word which one hears other say for him i.e. somebody speaks a good word when one sets out to travel or intends to do any work. This is "Faal-e-Hasan"(well augury).
5. The limbs of the body of Adam's son beg of the tongue every morning say: fear God in respect of us as we are connected with you. If you go straight, we shall also go straight and if you go crooked, we all will go crooked too.
6. Allah Almighty forgives any of one's sins which He pleases except for disobedience to parents the punishment of which is meted out in life before death.
7. If one acquired knowledge with a view to competing with the religious scholars, quarreling with the illiterates and attracting people towards himself, Allah Almighty will enter him in Hell.
8. Two "Harees"(greedy persons) are not satisfied. One is the voracious for knowledge whose hunger for it is not satisfied and the other is greedy for the world (materialism) who is never satisfied.
9. When a sin is committed in the land and the one
who is present there is averse to it is like he who is absent therefrom and one who is not present there but is pleased with it is like that of who is present thereat.
10. It is one of Allah's venerations to respect an elderly Muslim, "Haamil-e-Quran"(the one who learnt the Holy Quran and acted upon it) who is neither "Ghaali"(he who exceeds the limit i.e. does not abide by the standards of "Qiraa-at" or explains incorrect meanings or recites the Quran for show) nor "Jaanee"(he who betrays the Quran i.e. neither he recites it nor acts upon its commands) and to respect the just ruler.
11. There is no better a gift from a father to his children than the good manners which he imparts to them.

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