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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - IV / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 19


Hadees No.1: Allah Almighty does not see your faces and wealth but He sees your hearts (intention) and actions.

(2). When a man dies his actions (works) also stop except three things (which do not stop but instead keep benefiting him) i.e. acts of charity, knowledge which benefits others and righteous issue(s) (posterity) that pray for him.

(3). Whoever has haughtiness(pride) in his heart even to the weight of an atom will not enter Paradise. Haughtiness means to revolt against the "Truth" and to despise others.

(4). A good companion is he who when seen cause you to remember Allah, whose conversation multiplies your (good) deeds and whose actions cause you to remember the next world.

(5). Allah Almighty is the Kind. He loves kindness and grants (His favours) on showing kindness but withholds (His favours) on harshness.

(6). Both Eimaan (Islaamic faith) and life are correlative. When one is lifted (taken away) the other is also taken away.

(7). All creatures are like a family of Allah and the loved one in the sight of Allah is he who does good to His family.

(8). He is not from us who does not pity youngsters and does not respect elders and does not enjoin good and does not forbid evil.

(9). The best of companions in the eyes of Allah is he who is well-wisher of his companion and the best of neighbours in the eyes of Allah is he who is well-wisher of his neighbour.

(10).The one who wishes longevity, increase in his livelihood (provision) and protection from bad end then he must keep fearing Allah and maintaining ties with his relatives (even though they sever).

(11).Allah Almighty shows anger and heavens move when a "Faasiq"(wicked,transgressor) is eulogised.

(12). Whoever honours an unbeliever, actually he helps demolish (the fortress of) Islaam.

(13). The one who demands food (payment) as compensation for the recitation of the Holy Qur-aan will raise in such plight on the Doomsday that his face will be devoid of flesh but only bones.

(14). The people who gathered at a place and dispersed without praising Allah and invoking blessings on the Holy Prophet (did not do any good but) harmed themselves. Now it is upto Allah, if He wills, He may torment them or forgive them.

(15). There are some (holy) words which erase sins of the one who recites those three times after the gathering he is in is over and if one recites those words in a gathering arranged for any good work or for Allah's remembrance, Allah Almighty will seal the good (deeds). The holy words are: "Subhaana Kallaa-humma wa Bihamdeka Laaa Ilaaha Illaa Anta Astaghfiruka wa Atoobu Ilaiek" (All glory and praise be to Allah and there is no deity but You alone and I beg forgiveness of You and turn towards You).

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