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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - I / LESSON NO: 4

"Wa Kutubehee" (And I believed in His[Allah's] books).

Q 1: What does the revealed book mean?
A. Revealed book means that book which Allah Almighty has sent down for the guidance of mankind so that they may know Allah and His Messengers and carry out their commands.

Q 2: How many books has Allah Almighty sent down?
A. Allah has sent down books and Sahifa pi: Suhuf (little books) to many Prophets, the exact number of which is only known to Allah and His Beloved Prophet. Of all these heavenly books four are very prominent i.e. Torah which was revealed to Prophet Moses, Zabur (the original Psalms) to Prophet David, Bible (new Testament) to Prophet Jesus and the last one which is the highest and best is the Glorious Qur-aan which Allah Almighty has gifted to His Darling Elect Hadrat Muhammad (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him).

Q 3: Are the revealed books, besides Holy Qur-aan, still available with original texts?
A. No other heavenly books than the Qur-aan are available with the original texts because the mischievous elements in the nations of the past Prophets distorted and interpolated the original Torah, Zabur and Bible at their sweet will to gain their nefarious ends.

Q 4: How should we believe in the present Bibles (old and new testaments)?
A. We should testify only that text or portion of the bibles which conform to the teachings of the Glorious Qur-aan and disapprove of that which is (are) inimical to the Holy Qur-aan believing that this "interpolation" is the work of the mischievous elements who claim to be the followers of the said books.

Q 5: What about that if nothing conforming or unconforming to the Holy Qur-aan is found therein?
A. In such situation we shall neither approve nor disapprove but shall say "Aamantu Bil-Laahi wa Malaaa-ikatehee wa Kutubehee wa Rusulehee" (I believed in Allah, His angels, His books and His Messengers).

Q 6: Can the Holy Qur-aan be interpolated?
A. No, absolutely not. Since Islaam is ever-living and ever-lasting religion, Allah Almighty has taken up the responsibility of its protection Himself. It is free from being interpolated even if all its enemies strive jointly to do mischief to it.

Q 7: What about that man who believes that addition or omission can be made in the Qur-aan?
A. He who says that even a single letter, has been added to or omitted from or replaced in the Holy Qur-aan, remains no more in Islaamic fold and is, ipso facto, disbeliever.

Q 8: What is Sahifa?
A. Sahifa pl:Suhuf are little books or leaves which Allah Almighty sent down, before the Holy Qur-aan, for the guidance of humanity at large. These Suhuf contained good tidings, admonitions and guidelines to regulate life.

Q 9: How many Suhuf were sent down and to which Prophets given?
A. The exact number of Suhuf is known to Allah and His Choicest Prophet only, but what we know is that some Suhuf were revealed to Prophet Adam, some to his son Prophet Shish, some to Prophet Abraham, some to Prophet Idris and some Suhuf were also revealed to Prophet Moses.

Q 10: Is there any book like that of the Holy Qur-aan?
A. No, absolutely not. The Glorious Qur-aan is an unparalleled book which was endowed to the unparalleled Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) whose title was "Ummi" (unlettered). This "truthful" (the Holy Prophet) challenged the Arab nation that was stubbornly proud of their eloquence, magniloquence and rhetorics in poetry and oratory to bring or produce ten chapters and even a single chapter like it, but all proud and arrogant ones were stupefied. If they were capable of producing a thing like it they would have definitely done that and not faced abject disgrace of the proclamation that they and their false gods would be consigned to hell. The Holy Qur-aan is the ever-living and ever-challenging miracle of the Last Prophet of Allah.

Q 11: Is there any revealed book with Hindus?
A. No, Hindus have no heavenly book. "Veid" (Hindu scripture) which they claim to be a revealed book is not "Kalaam Allah" but a collection of poems of the ancient Hindu poets.

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