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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO:12


Q 1: How many methods are there to purify the impure things?
A. There are different methods of purifying the impure things. For example:
1. Washing: To wash with the water or any other liquid matter.
2. .Wiping: To wipe the objects like knife or table-knife which are not rusty and carry no impression. Similarly, other metallic objects can be wiped. However, rusty and impressions containing objects will have to be washed also.
3. Scraping: For example to scrape the filth like faeces, dung etc: from shoe.
4. Drying-up: For example the earth dries up due to air or heat and no trace of impurity and stench is left. Such place is pure with which "Ta-yammum"(dry ablution) can be made and prayer can also be offered thereon.
5. Melting: Lead and tin are purified by melting.
6. Baking or burning: Pots made of impure earth are purified if baked or burnt in the fire.
7. Transformation: For example the wine which turns vinegar or an animal falls and dies in salt mine and becomes salt are pure.

Q 2: How to purify a thing which can not be squeezed after wash?
A. A thing which can not be squeezed after wash for purification like mate, thick cotton carpet, shoe etc. should be hung after wash and when it ceases to drop water, wash it second and third time similarly. Likewise deal with the silk cloth which can not be squeezed owing to its delicacy.

Q 3: What is the method of purifying metallic objects(like copper, brass etc) and glazed pots?
A. Metallic objects (like copper, brass, iron etc) and glazed pots which can not absorb impurity should be washed thrice only. No need of letting them to cease drops of water every time. However, it is better to rub them clean with the earth.

Q 4: How to purify a cloth about which one is not sure as to which portion of it was polluted?
A. If one is not sure as to which portion of the cloth was polluted, he should better wash the whole cloth. Washing a determined portion of the cloth after well consideration will also purify it.

Q 5: How to purify oil or ghee if polluted?
A. The method of purifying liquid stuff like oil, ghee etc. is that the water equal to the quantity of liquid matter should be poured into it and then stir up well and leave for a while. After the oil or ghee has surfaced take it out and do the second and third time similarly. Thus liquid matter will be purified.

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