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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 2


Q 1: What is meant by Malaa-ikah?
A. Malaa-ikah is plural of Malak which is called angel.

Q 2: What are angels?
A. Angels are Noori (luminous, ethereal) creature and thorough obedient. They scrupulously comply and carry out the commands of Allah and are, ipso facto, His chosen ones.

Q 3: Do angels have any particular figure?
A. No, angels do not have any particular figure. However, Allah Almighty has empowered them to adopt any form or appearance. The Holy Qur-aan proves that angels are possessed of wings, so we must believe in that.

Q 4: Which angels are the highest and choicest ones?
A. Hadrat Gibreil, Hadrat Michael, Hadrat Israfeil and Hadrat Izraeel are the choicest and highest of all angels.

Q 5: Which other angels are next to these four highest angels in status?
A . The other higher angels after the four highest ones are: Hamalaat al-Arsh (four angels holding the empyrean), angels who are taking circuit of Allah's throne, angels of throne (in Divine presence), angels (status-wise) of all the seven skies, angels who arrange air, clouds and water, angels posted on mountains and then are the other angels.

Q 6: Is humanbeing superior to an angel or vice versa?
A. Pious humanbeings (Allah's saints) are superior to the ordinary angels and the Messengers among the angels are superior to common men whereas the Messengers/ Prophets of mankind are superior to angels' Messengers.

Q 7: What is Jinn (genie)?
A. Genies are a creature like humanbeings, which were produced from fire. They have soul, body, intellect and also eat and drink. They also reproduce themselves and are noted for their longevity.

Q 8: What appearance or figure do genies have?
A. Some genies have been empowered to adopt any appearance or figure. It is proved by traditions that some of them possess wings and fly in the air. Some live like humanbeings and some wander in the figures of snakes and dogs. Their habitations are mostly deserts, forests, mountains and desolate buildings.

Q 9: What is Ibilis (Satan)?
A. Mischievous genies are called devil and their leader is Ibilis (Satan). Ibilis was a devout servant of Allah so much so that he was counted among the angels, but he was driven out and cursed for ever due to his arrogance i.e. when Allah Almighty commanded angels to prostrate before Prophet Adam, all did obey Him but he stood haughtily. The Satan has off-spring which is all accursed like him. His only job is to lead the mankind astray.

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