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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 16


Q 1: What does "Istiqbaal-e-Qiblah" mean?
A. Istiqbaal-e-Qiblah means to orientate oneself towards the direction of Qiblah (to face the Qiblah) for prayer. Qiblah means the Holy Ka'bah which is situated in the prominent city of Saudi Arabia, the sacred Makkah. Millions of Muslims perform Hajj there every year.

Q 2: What signs and indications are there to know the direction of the Qiblah?
A. Mosques are the signs and indications of the direction of the Qiblah in cities, towns and other peopled places. Graves of Muslims are the signs outside the populated areas. The moon, sun and stars lead in forests, rivers and oceans. Polestar appears on the right shoulder of Muslim worshipper in some cities of India, thus the Qiblah will be in his front. However, in case, one is uncertain about the direction of the Qiblah, he should confirm from any reliable person in the area.

Q 3: Which direction should one face for prayer if he does not know the exact direction of the Qiblah?
A. If one is at such a place where there is no mosque and minarets nor the moon, sun and stars are visible or if any of them is visible but he can not ascertain the direction of the Qiblah with the help of that and even no man is there to guide him, then he should guess utilising his brain faculties and with which direction his heart feels satisfied he should offer prayer facing that direction.

Q 4: Will prayer be in order if one offers without conscious guess in the given situation?
A. If one offers prayer without guessing at the direction of the Qiblah in the given situation, his prayer will not be valid even though he faces the right direction of the Qiblah at random.

Q 5: How should one offer prayer in case he is helpless to turn his face towards the Qiblah?
A. A person who is helpless due to serious illness and weakness and also there is none to help him, should offer prayer in the position and direction he is.

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