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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - I / LESSON NO: 3

Q 1: What is Islamic faith?
A. Islamic faith is to firmly believe that the Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (may the choicest blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) is true and his every word and deed is also true. Whoever believes so is a Muslim.

Q 2: Can one be Muslim who recites Kalimah without understanding its meaning?
A. He will be considered a Muslim who believes that Islaam is the true religion and expresses his intention of embracing Islaam with his tongue reciting Kalimah if there is none to make him understand the meaning of Kalimah or he does not understand due to any handicap.

Q 3: What about those who do not believe in Islaam?
A. Such people are called "infidels".

Q 4: Who is called "Murtad" (renegade)?
A. Apostate or renegade is that wretched one who has embraced Islaam but even then speaks blasphemous words against Islaam and is adamant not to renounce his blasphemy.

Q 5: Who are hypocrites?
A. Hypocrites are those who have embraced Islaam and claim to be Muslim but deny Islaam at heart.

Q 6: Which people are called "Mushrik"(polytheists)?
A. Those wretched ones who worship different objects excepting Allah or consider someone or something as partner in Allah's infinite kingdom and eternal power.

Q 7: Which nations are "Mushrik"in the world?
A. Like Hindus who worship idols and consider them partner in Allah's infinite Kingdom and eternal power, Christians, Jews, Parsi etc: who believe either in duality of God or in trinity. All such people are "Mushrik".

Q 8: Are there "Mushrik"(polytheists) in Muslims?
A. God forbid! How can a Muslim be "Mushrik", for, he firmly believes in Oneness of true God i.e. Allah. Contrary to this, Mushrik considers one or the other humanbeing or thing as partner of Allah. No Mushrik can be called Muslim and no Muslim can be described as Mushrik.

Q 9: What about those people who term Muslims as "Mushrik"?
A. Some misguided and disgruntled groups of people have surfaced who call Muslims "polytheists" and "heretics" on one pretext or the other. The Muslims must avoid and disassociate themselves from such misguided elements to save their Islamic faith.

Q 10: Can we call a "Kaafir"(infidel) as infidel or not?
A. A Muslim should be called Muslim and an infidel as infidel. There is no rhyme or reason in forbidding one to call infidel as "Kaafir". Allah Almighty Himself calls infidels as "Kaafir" i.e. "Qul Yaaa Aieyu-hal Kaaferoon" (Say you [Muhammad] O' infidels!).

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