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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 14


Q 1: How many conditions are there for the soundness of prayer?
A. There are six conditions for the soundness of prayer i.e. (1). One's body and dress in which he is attired should be free from visible and invisible impurities. (2). Cloths and place of worship should be free from every sort of filth. (3). "Satr-e-Aurat"(covering the body from navel to knees). (4). "Istiqbaal-e-Qiblah" (to face the Qiblah). (5). Prayer time has come. (6). "Niyah" (intention of prayer).

Q 2: What condition is there about cloths' being free from impurity?
A. Cloths in which one offers prayer should be as much free from impurity as needed by the Shari'ah. For example if filth sticks larger than the size of a "Dirham" (depression of a palm) or an impurity pollutes the body or cloths more than l/4th then prayer will not be lawful in such condition.

Q 3: How much a place should be clean and pure to offer prayer?
A. A clean and pure place for prayer means the spots of the ground which come under the feet (during "Qiyaam" [standing posture]) and toes, knees, palms, nose and the forehead (during prostration) must be clean and pure.

Q 4: Will prayer be in order if offered placing a cloth on an unclean and impure place?
A. Prayer will be in order if a thick piece of cloth is placed on the unclean and impure place provided the colour and stench of the impurity is not felt during the prayer and in case the piece of cloth is so thin that the impure place gives off stench and the colour also appears then the prayer will not be valid.

Q 5: Will prayer be valid if offered on a double-folded piece of cloth whose one fold is polluted by impurity?
A. Prayer offered on the clean fold of cloth will not be in order if the cloth is sewn in two folds, otherwise it can be offered thereon.

Q 6: Will prayer be lawful on an unclean and impure plank?
A. If one side of the plank (which is so thick that it can be cut or sawed into two) is polluted then the prayer can be offered on the unpolluted side, otherwise not.

Q 7: Will prayer be lawful if offered on the ground smeared with dung?
A. Prayer will not be in order if offered on the ground smeared with dung even though it has dried up. However, prayer can be offered on a thick piece of cloth placed on the ground.

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